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Litigation Services

I am one of very few barristers authorised by the Bar Standards Board to run cases from start to finish as a litigator. Put simply: I take the place of a solicitor.

I work for businesses and individuals. I can act for claimants and defendants. I am best placed to get involved right at the very beginning, but I can also jump in part the way through a case.


Fixed-fee legal services

I offer all of my services on a fixed-fee basis for each stage of work. You therefore know from the outset how much you will have to pay and you can rest assured in the knowledge that you won't get a nasty surprise at the end.

If you decide that you no longer want to pay for my services then we can part ways without any difficulty. I will just need you to sign the form to let the court and the other side know that you've taken back control of your case.

You choose how much work I do for you

If you want somebody to take control of the entirety of your claim or defence, then this is the service for you. I will receive and deal with all correspondence on your behalf so I take that hassle off your plate. I deal with the court and the other side, and they must deal with me and not you.

If, instead, you're comfortable dealing with the paperwork and admin of a court claim, then you're better off instructing me under the direct access scheme. 

You are likely to pay less than if you ask a solicitor to do the work

I am self-employed and so I do not have the significant overheads that law firms have to pass on to their customers. I can therefore keep my rates competitive with the market, meaning that in most cases you should end up paying less. 

The fact that I charge fixed fees puts me in the minority when it comes to lawyers who conduct litigation. That alone makes me more likely to be cheaper than a solicitor: the clock isn't running every time a letter crosses my desk.

As a barrister, I have the edge

One of the advantages of being a barrister is that I get to see how well arguments and evidence are really received by the court in real time. Other lawyers who don't attend court as often don't have that advantage because everything is either theoretical or second-hand for them. 

I can run cases from start to finish

In appropriate cases I can advise you about your prospects of success, then draft the court statements of case, put together the paperwork at each stage, represent you at your interim hearings, and then represent you at trial.


Of course, when it comes to trials I will often be able to recommend an excellent alternative from the barristers that I have been against or worked with previously. I will always recommend the best option.

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