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Direct Access to Gareth

I am authorised by the Bar Standards Board to provide services directly to any individual or business without the need to engage a solicitor first. 

The direct access scheme has been established for a few years now, but it seems that very few members of the public know it exists. If you are like most people then when you first needed legal advice your first thought was the need to contact a solicitor. However, there is a number of potential benefits to engaging a barrister like me instead of a solicitor.

Fixed-fee legal services

I offer all of my services under the direct access scheme on a fixed-fee basis. You therefore know from the outset how much you will have to pay and you can rest assured in the knowledge that you won't get a nasty surprise at the end.

You choose how much work I do for you

The direct access scheme works best for those who are able to do all of the paperwork, but need an expert advocate to represent them at court. I can step in at the appropriate moment to make sure that you get the service you need exactly when you need it, instead of retaining me throughout legal proceedings even though you were more than capable of doing most of the work yourself.

You are likely to pay less than if you ask a solicitor to do the work

I am self-employed and so I do not have the significant overheads that law firms have to pass on to their customers. I can therefore keep my rates competitive with the market, meaning that in most cases you should end up paying less. 

For more information you can read my frequently asked questions.

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