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New to my site: skeletons

I have decided to start publishing the law sections from my skeleton arguments on my website for general use. I hope that these will be of value to my junior colleagues at the Bar, to my instructing solicitors, and members of the public.

That said, no law blog would be complete without a disclaimer, and here's mine:

- I will copy and paste the section of my skeleton without embellishment and without context. For these reason it is highly unlikely that it will be a complete and thorough exposition of the law on any given subject.

- I am confident in my research, and so you can assume that the law was correct as at the date I drafted the skeleton. However, the law moves on and you will need to do your own research to establish whether my statement of the law remains correct. - If you are not a lawyer then you should exercise great care in relying upon these excerpts. Many cases turn on particular facts and for any case I cite you should not rely blindly on the paragraphs I reproduce. There is no substitute for instructing a lawyer to advise you in full. [I would, of course, be happy to receive any enquiries to provide full legal advice on any of the areas of law in which I practise.]

The excerpts will appear on this website under the category "Skeletons". I hope that you find it useful.

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