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Free Legal Help for Social Enterprises

I have always had a special interest in small businesses, and I have watched with interest as social enterprises have sprung up across the country in order to use the machinery of capitalism to make real differences in their communities.

It's a reality of running a social enterprise that cashflow is usually tight and money needs to be allocated efficiently in order to ensure that the goals of the business can be met. But it is equally true to say that social enterprises are far from immune from the ordinary legal pitfalls that face any business.

That is why I have decided to offer my services to selected social enterprises for free in order to try and relieve that burden so that those businesses can keep pursuing their purposes rather than focusing on legal issues. 

I will undertake this work alongside my ordinary commercial law practice, and for that reason spaces will be limited. A short application form must be filled in if you want your business to be considered. Just like your social enterprise, I need to make sure that my resources are put to use where they will make the biggest impact.

Here are a few suggestions for what you might want me to help with:

  • Review and amendment of your corporate documents, such as shareholder agreements and articles of association.

  • Re-writing of your terms and conditions to be fit for purpose and specific to your business.

  • Advice on a dispute with suppliers or customers.

  • Assistance with on-going court proceedings.

This is an offer with a real value of hundreds or thousands of pounds, depending on what work I do for you. If you want to apply then please click to continue to the application form.

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